Stephen Lam 林屴汧

Born in Hong Kong, Stephen Lam is recently selected by Riccardo Muti as one of his students to participate in opera production of his Italian Opera Academy. Described as “undoubtedly a man of passion who lives for the music…” (Adam Rozlach, Polish Radio), he is actively promoting the European classical music tradition in Hong Kong, Macau, the mainland China and in the East Asia. Lam is currently the Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of the Ponte Orchestra and Singers, as well as conductor of the Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra.

林屴汧是近年炙手可熱的青年指揮家,最近被里卡多.穆蒂 (Riccardo Muti) 收於門下,於意大利歌劇學院參與歌劇製作,並先後於指揮大師祖賓.梅塔 (Zubin Mehta) 及克里斯托夫·艾森巴赫 (Christoph Eschenbach) 前表演,讚譽有加,波蘭音樂評論家Adam Rozlach稱頌林氏為「一位不容置疑的真正音樂家」。林氏現擔任Ponte Orchestra and Singers 的藝術總監及首席指揮,以及澳門青年交響樂團的常任指揮,並積極於香港、澳門、中國大陸及東亞地區,推廣歐洲古典音樂的傳統。